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The Doll Collector by Will Thurston Released Next Monday

Fans of Will Thurston have been eagerly awaiting his third novel.

The Replacement Phenomenon and The Talent Scout were well-received by their readers, and Will has been working hard to produce another page-turner, and The Doll Collector doesn’t disappoint.

“I understand that my third book moves in a very different direction,” he said. “I would describe my first two novels as fiction with elements of science fiction, but the third is about a subject I’ve come to know very well.”

Will Thurston works in Digital Forensics and has spent a decade encountering criminal and civil cases ranging from fraud to theft and from murder to vandalism, but one type of case seems to loom larger than others, and it’s a subject that seems to draw an emotive response from Will.

“Most people know that the majority of digital forensic case work centres around child abuse,” Will said on the subject. “After dealing with these cases for years, I thought I’d have a go at writing about what I knew, from my years in the job.”

He continued, “I’m somewhat anxious to see how people receive my new novel. It’s very different. It’s been difficult to write it in a way that it doesn’t offend or lead to the wrong type of reaction. I’ve worked closely with police officers, child protection professionals and others to make sure this story does what it’s intended to do, which is to entertain the reader, and to possibly open their eyes to how young people are affected by the actions of sinister predators.”

When asked about the protagonist, Dan Castle, Will said, “I know detectives, and failed detectives are ten-a-penny in the literary world. Dan is probably not unique from that point of view. With that said, I like the back story, and I hope to develop the character further in future books. This one focusses on the man’s path to redemption after his life pretty much falls apart. In fact, all of the characters grow and change over the course of the story, even the bad guy has you asking questions. It’s great to get to the end and look back, seeing how far they’ve all come.”

Will Thurston’s third novel, The Doll Collector, is available for pre-order exclusively on Amazon Kindle. It will be released for purchase on 28 March 2016.


PO Box Address

As a publisher of quality eBooks, the majority of our contact with anyone is done online or by phone. In this increasingly online world, we have taken the step of removing our PO Box address for written correspondence.

We will always welcome contact from fans and authors, and we will always encourage anyone to get in touch. If you have anything you wish to send to us “the old fashioned way”, please let us know and we’ll provide you with a mailing address.

As always, thank you to all of our authors’ fans for your continuing support.

Busy, Busy Authors

All of our main authors are working hard to bring you new material in the coming weeks and months. Further details will follow, but all three of our authors are busy. J Jackson Bentley, Will Thurston and Suze Lowden will all have new material available in the next few months.

In addition to our current authors, we are being approached by new authors, keen to get their material out there for the world to see. We are looking at adding new authors, each of whom will get their own mini site where they can blog, post short stories and any news that they have to offer.

We are always keen to talk to new authors. If you have written a book, or if you would like guidance in getting your idea down on the page, get in touch and we will offer whatever help we can. Fidus Publishing was founded to give a chance for new authors to get discovered, and we are pleased to still be finding success for our authors. They work hard, and they deserve the recognition and the credit they receive.

So, if you think you’re the next J Jackson Bentley, get in touch and we’ll do our best to put your book in the hands of people around the world.

Ring Ring, by J Jackson Bentley Coming Soon

A new  novella by J Jackson Bentley is in the final stages of editing and will be released in the next few months.

Following the success of best-selling novels 48 Hours, Final Whistle, Shadow of the Burj and others, J Jackson Bentley keeps producing stunning stories that capture the imagination of the public.

His latest novella, Ring Ring, is the latest in City of London Thrillers. Details of publication will follow in the coming weeks.

The Talent Scout is Released

Further to our last news article, The Talent Scout now available for purchase on Amazon for the Kindle.

The book tells of a science lecturer and a school teacher striving to protect a device that can determine natural abilities from DNA.

You can find the book here.

The Talent Scout is Available for Pre-Order

Will Thurston’s follow-up novel to the Replacement Phenomenon, named the Talent Scout, is now available on Amazon for Pre-order, with its full release scheduled for Tuesday 19 August. The book tells the exciting story of a university lecturer and a science teacher embroiled in a world of organised crime, aiming to protect a device that can determine natural abilities through an individual’s DNA.

Full details, and the link to pre-order/purchase can be found on this site here, and under the Books heading.

E-Book Prices

We were emailed by the Amazon Books Team only yesterday with a letter, also available online, about e-book prices. The letter echoed the feelings that we have held for some time about the prices of e-books. In short, the majority are insanely expensive, considering production costs.

When we consider that the process of publishing to e-book is simpler and more cost-effective, it makes little sense to fight the emergence of today’s technology. When we consider that the Fidus authors have achieved success using only e-book sales, we’re all beginning to wonder whether traditional publishing methods are terribly effective these days, especially for new publishers.

The letter suggests that there are no printing costs, no warehousing, no surplus printing issues, and a number of other factors, which suggest that publishing to digital formats should save a lot of money, and generate a lot when done properly. Even when digital versions are released in conjunction with a print release, obvious factors suggest the price should be lower.

As far as new authors go, there is far less risk. If a book doesn’t sell, it doesn’t cause the publisher to miss out on huge sums. The books can also remain on sale indefinitely without putting anyone out. It is easier for new and unknown authors to build up a back catalogue and to eventually sell their books. There are no returns of unsold books, no charges for remaining copies to be stored after several months. The life-cycle of the average novel increases significantly. No longer is an author published today, and gone and forgotten tomorrow. E-books are worth keeping competitive, if only to allow indie publishers to get some excellent authors noticed.

We think the pricing of e-books by larger publishers matters for more reasons than stated in the email we received. The pricing of e-books can make or break the careers of authors. They can make the difference between a child, a teen or a young adult growing up by reading books or simply consuming media from other channels (TV, movies, music, games). When we consider the implications of ignoring this technology, we need to remember the purpose of publishing books in the first place. We don’t speak for all publishers, but we’re not in it to get rich. We’re in it to get good books in the hands of good people. Publishing is about the freedom of expression, and finding people who enjoy your literary voice.

Yes, some people get rich from writing (most do not), and some publishers make a fortune from their authors (almost to the point of exploitation, dropping their wonderful author far too quickly), but writing and publishing are about more than money for those that believe in the industry and art of writing. No longer should big publishers get away with fixing e-books at unrealistic prices (thankfully this is being addressed more and more). They would most likely find, if they lowered their pricing, and that they would find out that e-books are actually worth the effort.

We encourage writers (and potential writers) to support Amazon in their efforts to make all e-books affordable, not just for them but for all e-book distributors. Only when this happens can we see this medium reach its potential in getting the written word to significantly impact the lives of more and more people.


Fidus Publishing

The article to which we refer is here.

The Talent Scout is Almost Ready

Will Thurston’s second novel, the Talent Scout, will be available for purchase and download before the end of summer 2014.

The novel tells the story of a science lecturer, Brian Townley. He has to fight to protect a device he co-created, which can read a person’s DNA and determine natural abilities within seconds. After meeting a woman who stumbles upon the situation (Jessica Dufret), they combine to combat criminals, trying to protect the last invention of his dead research colleague.

Will’s writing and editing has been completed, and he has sought the editorial abilities of J Jackson Bentley for a bit of extra polish, ensuring that the second novel is far superior to the first in style as well as substance.

Will is now revising a second draft of his third novel, which he hopes will be released before the end of the year. In addition, as the novel departs from styles and subjects he has used previously, he is also seeking opinion of those experienced in child protection.

Details for the novel are here.

Lure of the Falcon is Released

The latest sports fiction and Emirate of Dubai thriller by J Jackson Bentley is now available exclusively for the Amazon Kindle. You can see details of the new thriller, and find a link to buy, here.

With further publications in the works, this promises to be the biggest year yet for Fidus Publishing, with our top three authors preparing to publish new material.

In addition to our novels, keep an eye out on the author blogs for the occasional short story, as well as their own opinion pieces.

Lure of the Falcon to be Released in Days

A new book by J Jackson Bentley will be available from Amazon in the coming days.

The final stages of editing have been completed. The cover has been designed. Shortly the final touches will be added and the book will be live.

With the book themed around the Dubai Horse Racing World Cup, which takes place in the coming weeks, we hope to make the book available for a reduced price during this period.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds over the coming days for further developments.

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