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Ring Ring

RING RING: A City of London Thriller (Novella)

It’s New year’s Day 2004 and in the early hours of the morning a man is run down by a car and killed on Park Lane in London.

The case becomes politically sensitive when it is discovered that the dead man has close links with the PM and his cabinet and that the ‘hit and run’ appears to be less than accidental. Scotland Yard is then sent into turmoil when the autopsy shows that the victim has miraculously regrown a second testicle lost in childhood.

If a man so close to the Prime Minister could have been living on a stolen identity for decades how many more ‘ringers’ were out there and what threat might they pose to the Government and to society in general. DCI Rosalie Barry and her partner DI Dee Conrad investigate but soon become embroiled in political chicanery, kidnapping and intrigue.

As dark secrets from the 1960’s are revealed powerful men and women with the highest office of government in their sights will stop at nothing to achieve their ambitions, not even murder.

Can DCI Barry and DS Conrad uncover the truth and will they be allowed to?

Another non-stop City of London Thriller from J Jackson Bentley this time in the form of a fifty thousand word novella.

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