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The Doll Collector – A Dan Castle Novel

The Doll Collector: A Dan Castle Novel

Dan Castle’s new career as a private investigator seemed to be doomed to failure, just like everything he had ever done.

When a DVD lands at his office minutes before the dreaded return home, he finds that his next case is his own.

His teenage daughter is being punished by some nutcase for just being a teenager. There is something personal about the threats of the man who claims to want a ransom for fourteen year old Abigail before they disappear.

It’s time for Dan to succeed at something. He has no option.

Chasing the child abducting stranger across the country, Dan encounters child abduction, child pornography and prostitution, violence and murder. Long ago he had been taught about succeeding at the expense of all else. In order to find and save his daughter he would need to face his previous failures. He wouldn’t be able to bear seeing his daughter’s name added to the list of victims he could have saved.

His family needs him to get this right. It was time to put aside the rule book as well as his own fears. Only in doing so could Abigail be saved from her kidnapper, seeking perfect girls for a collection of his own.

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