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The Talent Scout

The Talent Scout

Brian Townley, a biology professor at a large University, is one of two lecturers responsible for the DNA Fingerprinting device known as the Talent Scout. This device searches through a person’s DNA for patterns relating to certain natural abilities, thus discovering hidden talents of any person and helping them reach their full potential.

Brian becomes suspicious when his colleague, Richard Talbot, dies suddenly whilst presenting their findings to a national genetics convention. His fears for the device’s misuse are enhanced when the prototype is stolen. Several high-profile scientists and hackers disappear in suspicious circumstances over the coming days. To add to this, government agencies reveal details of serious security breaches. Bleeding edge genetic therapy information is taken from elsewhere, which could combine to make the Talent Scout extremely powerful.

With the help of Jessica, an attractive local school teacher, Brian fights to protect the Talent Scout project from being used for sinister purposes. Together they find themselves delving deeper into a world of organised crime.

As he learns more about the plight of his prototype, Brian believes that he, with the aid of his new accomplice, is the only one who can stop the Talent Scout from fuelling organised crime throughout the world.

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