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The Turkey Bowl – An Americana Short Story

Copyright 2014, J Jackson Bentley 1: Tradition  ‘The last Thursday before the end of November shall be known as Thanksgiving Day’, so said Abraham Lincoln in 1863. Of course more recently it had become the fourth Thursday in November, by joint agreement of Congress and President Franklin […]

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The Turkey Bowl, Teaser

November, one week before Thanksgiving “Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a bunch of overweight and unfit men running around playing football against teenagers half their age and weight. This Father and son tradition should be celebrated properly and the winners of the Turkey Bowl should be recognised,” the […]

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The Challenger, Chapter 3: His Story

Copyright 2014, J Jackson Bentley “Can you give me a lift to the airport, please?” the young man asked as he handed me the keys. “What? You’re leaving me the car? Why?” “Because it’s yours, and always was. I can explain while we drive if you wish.” […]

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The Challenger, Chapter 2: Graduation Day

Copyright 2014, J Jackson Bentley My great-grandfather dealt in agricultural machinery. He lived right in the middle of America’s heartland when corn was king. Whether your living was made from corn, wheat, cotton or livestock farming, everyone needed equipment. If that equipment was John Deere and you […]

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The Challenger, Chapter 1: Knock Knock

Copyright 2014, J Jackson Bentley The house echoed with emptiness, every sound hollow, every room cold, despite the heat outside. Loneliness is such a sad affair, according to a Carpenters’ song, and it is sad and a little depressing. When you are young you think the noise […]

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Moving On

Moving On In the past few months I have done an extraordinary amount of research, more than ever before in fact, and all for a novel based around the Dubai World Cup Race. To be honest finding a major event in Dubai as a background for a […]

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The art of criticism

The art of criticism First of all I would like to thank the tens of thousands of readers who have downloaded my books, you are a wonderful audience and I appreciate you all. Like all authors I am distressed when typos sneak into books in the production […]

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The Art of the Short Story

The Art of the Short Story My publisher approached me recently with a request to write a compendium of short stories, even suggesting that their website, Fidus Books, might host a monthly short story magazine. I think it is a great idea. Many modern authors are writing short stories to […]

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Ramadan gives you time to write!

Ramadan gives you time to write! During Ramadan the local populace and Muslims around the world celebrate the Holy Month by fasting during daylight hours. No food no liquids, quite a challenge in 50 degree heat. So, I don’t spend any time eating out and no new […]

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Djibouti Man

Djibouti Man Researching locations for a new book is often nothing more than an excuse for a nice holiday, not so Djibouti, where I need seven shots before I got on a plane. Now before you all start feeling sorry for this poor author, let me explain […]

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