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Heat of the Emirates

Heat of the Emirates Here in the Emirates, Dubai more specifically, the heat is beginning to build. A dust cloud has kept temperatures low, and visibility lower, for a week now. I am starting my one year sojourn in Dubai and hope to be living in the […]

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Publishing Dilemma

Publishing Dilemma I have just read two recently published books by Harlan Coban. These two books were written when he was in his early twenties and in the introduction to both books he offers the following caveat: if this is the first of my books you have picked up please […]

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New Beginning

New Beginning Dear blog reader, it has been a difficult month or so for me as an author. I have been writing since 1994 under my real name and under pseudonyms Tom Spencer (Final Whistle – football thriller) and Jack Daniels (48hrs, Chameleon, Fogarty – City of […]

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