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Through a Character’s Eyes

Maybe I should update this blog more often. Maybe I should just admit to being a recluse and live in the hills. I’m not sure. There are many things I do not know, including a vast array of writing skills and techniques. I will openly admit that […]

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Peace on Earth (Even in My Home)

We’ve all been there. I was frustrated, stressed, fed up. What do you buy the child who asks Santa for a flying bicycle? He has everything else he needs. Our daughter spent more time playing with the packaging and boxes last year than with her expensive gifts. […]

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Caitlin’s Christmas

Caitlin had, of course, lived through several Christmas seasons in the past. At five years old, she had experienced the presents, the nice food and the singing of some Christmas songs. What Caitlin had longed for was a Christmas Day with a forever family. She had spent […]

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The Christmas Bauble

He had been sitting there, in a dusty old box, year after year, only seeing the light of day for a matter of weeks. All Christmas decorations had to endure the same treatment. They, of course, loved Christmas. It’s what they were made for. The oldest Christmas […]

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The Manhattan Mall Santa

A number of years ago in New York City, Christmas took on a new meaning for hundreds of families. In the Manhattan Mall, across the street from Macy’s and the Empire State Building, the Christmas decorations were bigger and brighter than ever before. Included in the magnificent […]

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Short Stories

You’ll have noticed that Fidus authors are staring to write short stories that are available for free on the website. I have, so far, only posted one short story as the result of a writing exercise in a local writing group. I intend to do more. One […]

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Talent Scout Free for a Day

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my second novel you may have noticed that for today only, it’s available for free (usually $2.99). If you’re interested, you can’t get a new book any cheaper. Details here.

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Slowly, Slowly, Catchy Monkey

I’ll admit that my first novel, whilst telling a decent story, could have been better written. I also understand that my style as an author needed significant work. I’m also well aware of the fact that I ignored both of these during the process of publishing my […]

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Blue Muse

Copyright 2014, Will Thurston This short story was the result of a brief writing exercise with friends. I thought I would share it with others, although it isn’t exactly how I get the inspiration for my stories… I was surprised how much the little thing looked like […]

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I Officially Exist Online!

My publisher tells me that in order to be successful, one must, these days, have an “online presence”. Despite working with computers daily, I can’t honestly say I’m entirely sure what this is. If this is what I’m doing now, then great. If I’m falling short, I’ll […]

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