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I Officially Exist Online!

My publisher tells me that in order to be successful, one must, these days, have an “online presence”. Despite working with computers daily, I can’t honestly say I’m entirely sure what this is.

If this is what I’m doing now, then great. If I’m falling short, I’ll simply shrug my shoulders and say, “never mind. I tried!”

Why? It’s strange really. I write because I love to write. I love it when people read what I have written, and especially when they enjoy it. I think every writer can sympathise with that feeling of joy you get when someone says, “that’s great”, and you know if came from you.

I suppose most writers, if they’re like me, will dispute that last comment, instead saying the writing arrives by virtue of the author, not because of him/her. If you imagine that the writer is the vehicle, simply delivering a completed manuscript to its intended destination, you’re probably somewhere near the mark.

Anyway, I digress. My objection to being noticeable online is a simple and common one. I’m not a vain person. I don’t feel like I need the validation of people like me for being me. What kind of compliment is that, anyway? I’m just the person I happened to become by virtue of life experiences, training of various sorts and upbringing. Any compliment about me as a person is misdirected if it is directed squarely at me.

I would compare my blogging to the tired metaphor of being a fish out of water, but this seems inadequate. It’s an incomplete metaphor anyway. How did the fish end up devoid of liquid in which to subsist? Was it caught out by a sudden low tide? Is it a suicidal fish? Is it, in fact, so far out of the water that it’s wrapped in newspaper and served alongside a dissected potato out of the ground? Who knows?

Anyway, I do this out of necessity, knowing that humanising authors can make a difference. I was far more inclined, for example, to read Stephen King’s novels after reading his semi-biographical instructional book, “On Writing”, which I hugely enjoyed and have re-read more than once. I would recommend this to any would-be author.

Anyway, I don’t wish to prattle on about myself at great length in the first instance (what on earth would I write in subsequent posts?), so I simply wanted to say that I’m here, as an online presence… or something like that.

If this blog isn’t enough for anyone who might wish to hang off every word that exists by virtue of my computer keyboard, you’ll shortly be able to find me on Facebook and on Twitter. Talk about famine and feast!

My publisher will be ecstatic. Although, I suspect my readers would be happier if I stopped blogging and got a move on with my next novel (which I believe will be available by Christmas). The obvious question is this: How do I keep both groups happy? This might be trickier than I had previously thought…

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