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Short Stories

You’ll have noticed that Fidus authors are staring to write short stories that are available for free on the website. I have, so far, only posted one short story as the result of a writing exercise in a local writing group. I intend to do more.

One of the novels I’m currently working on is about a writer who stalks the girl on whom he has based his protagonist. There is still a LONG way to go with this story, but part of my planning has involved coming up with a series of short stories to include. These are stories in which the main character comes to an ironic demise. The idea is that my fictional author specialises in such stories.

In any case, as I write these stories, I think I’ll put them on the website first, fitting them into the book as I write it.

So, watch this space for more short stories which will eventually form part of novel number 4.

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