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The Christmas Bauble

He had been sitting there, in a dusty old box, year after year, only seeing the light of day for a matter of weeks. All Christmas decorations had to endure the same treatment. They, of course, loved Christmas. It’s what they were made for.

The oldest Christmas bauble was tired of simply hanging there on the tree, not doing much. Festive seasons had come and gone, but he had never felt involved. Finally, one Christmas season he did something very important.

The family had, as usual, dragged all their customary Christmas decorations from the loft at the start of December and had given their living room a midwinter makeover.

Lights surrounded the window, which was covered in spray-on snow. Beads and tinsel adorned every picture on the walls. Finally, on the mantle, they placed a nativity set, comprising porcelain figures of various animals, Mary, Joseph, a small baby, wise men and shepherds. The whole front room, and the whole house looked much better for the addition of the family’s festive decorations.

The large, green tree stood seven feet high in the corner of the lounge, covered in multi-coloured, flashing and fading lights and tinsel. With every branch of the artificial tree, the oldest bauble occupied his usual spot, front and centre.

All was well at first, until one day the baby Jesus was missing from the nativity set. The parents looked high and low, but they could not find that one elusive figure, deciding eventually that it would probably turn up when it came time to clear the decorations away again.

The bauble watched on, wanting to help, but the lack of arms or legs meant he could do very little to help, even if he wasn’t stuck in one position, hanging from a tree branch.

Time passed, the baby figurine falling farther from the minds of the family, out of sight and forgotten.

As was the custom, Christmas presents built up underneath the tree. There were large ones, small ones and oddly shaped ones. Some were neatly wrapped with bows and tags and some were wrapped by the father, who had always seemed as if the present had accidentally collided with some paper and tape, resulting in some mystical shaped, wrapped object, its origins only to be discovered on that one special morning.

Christmas morning came and the bauble watched the children excitedly run downstairs with parents still blinking the sleep from their eyes as they were dragged faster than they wanted to move. One by one the gifts were handed out amongst the family and unwrapped until only one remained under the tree. Each gift was greeted with a bright smiling face (except for the socks and jumpers the children found less exciting than toys and chocolate).

The bauble looked down, noticing the final gift. It was smaller than some, possibly one of those DVD things, or maybe a book. He noticed something wedged underneath the edge of the present.

The gift was removed, and sure enough, it uncovered the baby Jesus figure that had been missing for several days. No one seemed to notice the item, uncovered by the last gift, but the bauble wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to get involved.

He wriggled and wiggled with all of his might, edging forward. Little by little, he neared the edge of his branch. With one final push he fell from his branch, landing right next to the baby Jesus.

Thankfully, one of the family saw the bauble move and fall, and went to retrieve it. In doing so they found the baby Jesus, much to the relief of the entire family.

With every gift unwrapped, the family took the opportunity to pause and to think about that small figure and all of the things it represented on that special day.

The bauble was re-hung, once again occupying his usual branch. He would have signified his pride by puffing out his chest and smiling broadly if he had a chest or a mouth. That little bauble, so often hanging around feeling useless, had helped the family to remember the reason for celebrating Christmas, and he was delighted.

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