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Through a Character’s Eyes

Maybe I should update this blog more often. Maybe I should just admit to being a recluse and live in the hills. I’m not sure.

There are many things I do not know, including a vast array of writing skills and techniques. I will openly admit that the things I don’t know will always trump what I do know.

However, I’m proud of my new book. Death by Chapters is a slight departure from previous styles. I’ve tried to use what I learned was a Deep Third Person POV. This means that I have spent as much time in my character’s heads as possible. I describe things as they see them. I draw on analogies relevant to their life. I feel things as they do, and I explore the emotions and actions of others from only the character’s viewpoint.

I’m hoping that you, as readers, will enjoy living in the characters heads as much as I did. Like me, you might be happy to be back out of the head of one or two of them!

Details of the new book will be on the website very soon, but the book is available right now for the Amazon Kindle. For the first time ever, it is also available as a printed book. Personally, it makes the whole thing feel a bit more real.

Feel free to let me know how you feel about the new story. I’m off to figure out which story to tell next. I’m thinking either a children’s fantasy novel about a boy who discovers mystical stones, the next Dan Castle novel, or one about an international mess of a murder that started in an airport.

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